Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Live Green Live Healthy Save Money Save World

There are lots of things we can do now to help curb global warming and climate change.
Try to save energy from your daily use .Anything that saves energy will reduce greenhouse gas and lessoning their impact on the environment. Using Thermostat in a useful way any one can save energy in winter and summer. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) reduce the energy used for lighting by one-third. By this You can save money and environment too and live green.. Unplug and use the "Off" switch tosave electricity and reduce global warming by turning off lights when you leave a room.

 Trees absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. One leafy tree can leave such amount of oxygen that two people can life for a year by that. One tree will absorb approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. So plant a Tree.

Use less hot water to save energy.Take shorter showers to reduce water use. This will lower your water and heating bills too. By this Save water as well as save world.

Walk or bike or use cycle or public transport to your work place. This saves on gas and parking costs. Use minimum amount of Gas because it directly affect environment.

If you eat meat, add one meatless meal or vegetarian meal in a week. Meat costs a lot and it's even more expensive when someone consider the related environmental and health costs.

"Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" your cell phones, cars, computers and other electronics as long as possible. Choose reusable products instead of disposables. Donate or recycle them responsibly when the time comes. Bring your own shopping bags. Recycle plastic, paper, glass and aluminum cans.

Spread the word support green organizations. Learn more about climate change and global warming so you can talk and Share information to people about it by this you will be fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And by using fewer amounts of energy, water and gas and by recycling items you can save money and keep your body and environment safe. So keep living green.

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